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The Coventry Village Special Improvement District was formed in 1996 by the property owners, business owners, merchants, and other community stakeholders. The organization is responsible for the marketing, special events, public art and overall beautification of the Coventry Village neighborhood within Cleveland Heights, Ohio.

Since its formation, CVSID has collaborated with local arts organizations to create the Coventry Village PEACE Park Arch, one-of-a-kind artist created benches, streets signs, and decorative garden fences, and other public art projects throughout the district.

The organization is also responsible for the free community arts and cultural programming hosted annually in the neighborhood. Event series (past and present include: Coventry Village Street Fair (1970 - 1982 / 2008-2013), Coventry Village Summer Series (2014-current), Coventry Village Holiday Festival (2014-current), Coventry Village Kids Day (2015-current) and more.
The Coventry Village Special Improvement District exists to enrich the quality of life for residents and neighbors, celebrate the communities creative and artistic talents, attract visitors and create economic benefits for the merchants of the Coventry Village Special Improvement District

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