A farewell to Record Revolution

A farewell note to Record Revolution (closing it's doors on Dec. 31st) from Tommy Fello:

I am saddened by the news of another Coventry Village Icon's demise. I remember Peter at Record Rev in the early 70's. His Record Revolution was "The Place To Be!"

So many famous musical geniuses' signatures graced his walls; I remember the friendly faces of Chris, Bob, Jay, Polo, Keith, Ellie, Tim, Calvin, Todd, and many more all very much a part of the fabric of a budding Coventry Community. When Peter died, Mike Allison carried the baton, always adapting to the many changes in the record/music store world. Later Mike and Rob made a great team. They approached the ever-changing business climate with enthusiasm and innovative ideas.

The COVID business era was always encouraging the public to stay home and buy online. The saying goes "Be Careful of what you wish for." Consumers became accustomed to sitting on the couch and pressing a button instead of taking a walk or a drive down to the Village to pick up some items at the brick and mortar retailers. This consumer attitude has and will continue to change the face of many of the business districts we love and adore.

I hope especially this Holiday Season we all remember this could be the last time you might be able to shop at your beloved Record Rev or many of your other cherished community stores.

Buying locally never has meant so much to me as it does today, as I see another one of our Coventry Village "Hall of Fame '' merchants turn off their lights for the last time.

Please remember to send Mike and Rob and Record Revolution off with a bang. Empty their shelves and wish them well.

They gave their all to Coventry, I thank them for that and I will miss them dearly. Record Rev may be gone but never forgotten.

Mike and Rob, Best of luck in the future.