Celebrating LoveForCov this Valentine's!

Love is officially here in Coventry Village! With the recent blizzards and frigid weather, we are looking forward to snuggling up with our loved ones this Valentine’s Day. When planning your dates and activities, show some LoveForCov by shopping with our local merchants! Date yourself, your friend, or your lover in a unique way in Coventry this year. The possibilities are endless, but we have a few ideas and suggestions to get you started. Mix and match, do them all, or pick your favorite! 

Step 1: Pick up some flowers at Diamond's Flowers

Diamond’s Flowers is offering incredible bouquets for the holiday. With a variety of styles and arrangements, you’re bound to find the perfect flowers for your loved ones. 

Step 2: Pick out your date outfit at Avalon

The best look is confidence, and confidence starts with a killer outfit! Avalon is full of unique pieces that you just can’t wait to wear. Bring a friend to help you find the perfect fit for your big night. 

Step 3: Warm up with Cozy drinks at Whiskey Bar

If you and your date are looking for a classy night out, Whisky Bar is the place for you. The ambiance will transport you and your date to a romantic evening the second you enter. Plus, the whiskey is unmatched. Call to make a reservation today! 

Step 4: Make a custom Candle at Cleveland Candle Co.

We all have a loved one who can’t help but visit the candle aisle. A date at Cleveland Candle Co. is guaranteed to knock their socks off. Make custom candles in a romantic atmosphere, who wouldn’t love that? 

Step 5: Grab Sushi at Pacific East Sushi

Dinner is a staple for any Valentine’s day evening! The sushi at Pacific East is unmatched, and the perfect setup for a romantic evening. Call for a reservation for you and that special someone!

Step 6: Catch a show at Grog Shop/B Side

Some of the most romantic memories have taken place at concerts! Grog Shop and B Side are hosting several incredible local artists around the holiday. A local concert is a great change of pace for a versatile and exciting evening! 

Step 7: Margs at Cilantro or Taco Roosters

I don’t think anyone is opposed to Margs and Wings, in fact, that sounds like heaven to me! Taco Roosters will serve up icy margs with steaming wings for those looking for casual activity. If you're looking for tacos over wings, Cilantro is the spot for you. Taco Roosters and Cilantro could also be the perfect end to a jam-packed evening!