Coventry For Vegans

Going vegan can be a pretty intimidating lifestyle change, one of the main fears we have is, “What if I can’t find anything to eat while I’m out?” Coventry Village is a great spot for vegans, with a wide variety of vegan cuisine you’re guaranteed to snag a great meal! We’ve put together a guide for our local veggies to use when looking for their next favorite place. If you decide to try out any of these items below, tag us in your social media posts by tagging @coventry_village and #loveforcov. 

Tommy’s Restaurant

Of course Tommy’s has one of our favorite veggie and vegan menus. With several falafel dishes, loads of tofu, and all kinds of veggies burgers and sandwiches, Tommy’s is vegan paradise! They’re menu is incredibly diverse, also offering extensive meat options along with their vegetarian and vegan options. 

We recommend trying out their Tempeh Sandwiches or one of their many Veggie Burgers. Check out their full menu here:

Cilantro Taqueria 

Nothing beats a killer vegan taco! Cilantro Taqueria is ready to serve you with several vegetarian and vegan options. Their protein substitutes allow for a whole menu of vegan delights. Enjoy your next Taco Tuesday at Cilantro. While you’re there, snag one of their Soy Sofrito Bowls and a Peach Magrarita! 

Check out their full menu here:

Dave’s Cosmic Subs

Sometimes you just have a deep craving for a sub! Dave’s Cosmic Sub’s is here to help fulfill all your sandwich needs. While they don’t have a strictly vegan menu, there are several vegan options and any sandwich can be made without meat. One of the hardest things to find is a sandwich place that uses vegan bread. Dave’s subs uses all vegan bread for their subs and all bread can be substituted for lettuce. 

Check out their full menu here, we highly recommend their San Tropez sub!

High Thai’d Cafe

There truly is nothing like a delicious bowl of curry. Coventry Village’s High Thai’d Cafe has mouth watering curry on their menu. With an entire section of their menu dedicated to vegetable bowls, High Thai’d Cafe is an excellent place for a vegan meal. 

We highly recommend their Tofu Tamarind! Check out their full menu here: 

If you’re craving great vegan cuisine, head on over to Coventry Village! Your patronage supports local businesses that have defied the odds to stay open this year. With the world opening up, we are so excited to be seeing our community members supporting our local merchants. We wouldn’t be here without your support! 

Check out our local and upcoming events which are a great opportunity to try out some of these great vegan options! To stay up-to-date on what is happening in the neighborhood, sign up for our newsletter! Click here to sign up.