Coventry Village Says Goodbye to Village Landmark, City Buddha

The best of friends are the hardest ones to say goodbye to! We are so sad to see our beloved friends at City Buddha leave, but we are excited about the next chapter. Thank you for spending so many years with us, we will always cherish the imprint you've left on Coventry Village. See a letter from owner Larry Collins.

To Our Friends & Loyal Customers

The ultimate truth is, the only constant in life is change! After nearly a quarter-century of bringing traveled treasures to Cleveland, it's time to look into new adventures. Back in the previous century, 1997, to be exact, I took a trip to Southeast Asia that would put me on my present course in bringing Cleveland lovely stuff and things. It's been a wonderful journey, but I wasn’t planning on it lasting this long. Plans, right?

A decision like this is never easy, but after some time to reflect (during a period in history that we shall hopefully never experience again) I am looking forward to new ways of engaging with a new world ahead. In other words, I'm hoping to kick off my shoes, rest a bit, take a look around, and see where the wind takes me next. Since July 8th when we announced our imminent departure, so many of you have visited and for that we are grateful. Grateful for your support. Grateful for the well wishes offered. We truly have the best customers.

Everyone at City Buddha is grateful for your friendship and generous support. Our farewell timeline is set to September 15th and the entire store is 50% off, aside from our incense. Please stop in, shop, and we wish you all light, happiness, and wellness!

Love, light, and eternal thanks,

Larry Collins (Owner, City Buddha)

Visit their Facebook page to wish them farewell here.