KoKo Bakery is Finally Here!

We are so excited to be welcoming our newest Coventry Village merchant, KoKo Bakery! It's no secret that KoKo's arrival has been the most highly anticipated announcement of the year! The wait is finally over, and we can all stuff ourselves with KoKo Bakery's unmatched baked goods. Eight months ago, Koko Bakery announced that it was opening a satellite location on Coventry. Koko Bakery will be open for business on Thursday, December 16th. The location is the former Piccadilly Artisan Yogurt (1767 Coventry Rd.) space next door to Pacific East.

Koko Bakery (3710 Payne Ave., 216-881-7600) has been attracting customers to its Asiatown shop for more than 15 years thanks to their famous fresh-baked buns, colorful fruit tarts, cakes and pastries, hot lunches and delicious bubble tea. Owner Jian Xu is planning to make the Coventry location nearly identical to the original in terms of items offered. All of their goods will be made in house, and will feature an indoor dining room.

Jian Xu told us that the cross-cultural dynamic in Coventry Village is what brought them to our main street. With our bustling international student population, Koko Bakery will be a popular addition to the neighborhood.

We know that our community will be keeping KoKo Bakery busy! Stop by their newest location to welcome them to the neighborhood.