Local Music Venues Announce Plans To Reopen

"We're excited to be hosting concerts all summer with socially distanced reserved seating, food service from Cleveland Heights restaurants, and local bands and performers," said Kathy Blackman, owner of the local venues Grog Shop and B Side Lounge. 

With a range of beloved series, and new fan favorites, the venues are coming back in full swing. A new life has been breathed into the local music scene, as independent artists flock to the stages with new and vibrant material. Artists like Red Rose Panic, Mixed Feelings, Liz Kelly, and Apostle Jones, are lighting up the local scene. Fans who have spent the year cooped up are eager to come back to the local music scene. 

B Side and is also a haven to local comedians and artists, who have been providing entertainment for socially distanced crowds since October 2020. Their Lyrical Rhythms event, an open mic event from 7:00 pm-9:00 pm, and an Open Mic at 9:00 pm. Their Make ‘Em Laugh Mondays is one of Cleveland’s longest-running comedy shows. Their ability to weather through a worldwide pandemic that has forced many venues to close is a testament to the dedication and devotion of the Coventry Village neighborhood. 

The Grog Shop  has an amazing linup of local food vendors at their Thursday night Show and Snack Series. Boss Doc Brewing Co., MOJO World Eats, Tommy’s, and GiGi’s on Fairmount are all making an appearance. It’s a fantastic opportunity to get out, safely, and enjoy a night out while supporting local artists and businesses. 

The Show and Snack Series upcoming schedule

May 20th: Liz Kelly w/ Jack Harris + Tommy's

May 27th: Orange Animal w/ Bobby Vaughn + Gigi's on Fairmount

June 3rd: The New Soft Shoe w/ John Kalman + CHIMI

June 10th: Ghani Harris & Ras Khalifa

June 17th: Hey Mavis w/ Hannah Stak + Geraci's Restaurant

June 24th: Punch Drunk Tagalongs w/ Echo Messiah + Marotta's

July 1 Grandview w/ Faces of Belmez + The Tavern Company

See more about these events of the Grog Shop calendar here. 

Local Concerts Schedule

 May 7th: Red Rose Panic w/ Blokhead Johnny & Reagan Gray

May 8th: Mixed Feelings w/ Esther Fitz & Adrianna Miller

May 14th: Apostle Jones w/ Eric Levine & Tyler Elwing

May 15th: So Long, Albatross w/ Tom Evanchuck

May 21st: Funny Business w/ Lack of Direction & Emma Nicholas

May 22nd: Cleveland Kings Action Pack

May 22nd: Obnox /Red Devil Ryders / TV Drugs

May 28th: Acrylic Grooves w/ The Staat Brothers

May 29th: Outlaws I&I w/ Primal Rhythm

June 4th: Glamgore Drag Show

June 11th: Hello!3D

June 18th: Floco Torres & Free Black! w/ MOSSOM

June 19th: Demos Papadimas w/ Ray Flanagan

June 25th: Frayle w/ Slow Wake

June 26th: Faith & Whiskey

June 2nd: Glamgore Drag Show

August 6th: Glamgore Drag Show

See more about these events of the Grog Shop calendar and the B Side Liquor Lounge Calendar. 

National Tours Visiting The Grog Shop

June 5th: Tobyraps w/ AllTheHipe / Loser Chris

August 5th: Scott H. Biram

August 6th: Built to Spill

August 16th: The Goddamn Gallows

October 1st: Dinosaur Jr. at Agora

November 7th: John Mark McMillan "Awake in the Dream Tour"

November 14th: Murder by Death 20th Anniversary Tour (Sold out)

See more about these events of the Grog Shop calendar here. 

Coventry Village is bustling with activity and providing a safe environment for families and friends to enjoy. If you want to stay up-to-date on local events, sign up for our newsletter here!